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  • black mulberry silk bed

    Looking for Paradise? You found it (or at least some of it… sometimes that’s enough, right?). This silk duvet cover is handcrafted from 100% pure Mulberry silk, which features the highest quality, beautiful design, and exquisite appearance. Sleeping under a silk-covered duvet is like sleeping under a light fluffy cloud. Soothing and luxurious because you deserve it.

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  • 410,00520,00

    Sleeping on a silk sheet is one of the best luxuries in life. Just imagine a soft silk touch on your smooth skin. Priceless. It’s like having a spa without actually leaving your home. Once you get your silk sheet, you will dream all day long about the moment when you can finally go to your bed.

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  • 24,00

    A silk headband is not only a hair-friendly accessory that can be used for various self-care rituals like spa, face care, yoga, gym, but as well a stylish accessory that you can include in your wardrobe. Since design is minimalistic and refined- it will go together with everything.

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  • 40,0050,00

    A Twilly is a long and narrow scarf that is made of 100% silk. It is a fantastic piece that you can use as a headscarf, neck scarf, bag accessory, and much more. A twilly can easily embellish your everyday outfit and accessories in surprising ways, which is why you need silk twilly in your life.

    Available in 2 sizes.

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  • 15,00

    Elegant and minimalistic scrunchie for those women who love to wear their hair in a ponytail but prefers scrunchie to be not attention-grabbing. Also, this scrunchie will be a perfect choice for women with extra thin or/and short hair.

    Please note, that due to differences in device screens, colors in real life might slightly vary

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  • 17,0023,00

    To understand the beauty of this scrunchie, hold it in your hair, touch the soft silk… it’s so dreamy! Say goodbye to unhealthy, broken hair!

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  • black silk face mask

    Skin-friendly, reusable face mask made from two layers of the highest grade Mulberry silk.

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  • 47,00

    The softest, most comfortable eye mask to have. Pair it with one of Magnolia silk pillowcases and even we’ll be envious of you!

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  • mulberry silk black nightgown -19% Off

    Luxurious. Refined. Unforgettable. All in this silk night gown.

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  • 89,0099,00

    This divine silk pillowcase will caress your face with delicate touch of luxurious silk. If you haven’t tried silk pillowcase before, you will want to try this one.

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  • silk pajama black Out of Stock

    So comfortable, so soft. So relaxing, so pretty. So flattering, yet so easy to wear… our 100% silk pajama set.

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  • -22% Off

    Look and feel stunning the minute you wrap yourself in our sophisticated, MIDNIGHT BLACK pure silk robe.

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