Our story

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My name is Sandra and I, together with my husband Martin, are owners of the Estonian brand Magnolia Silk.
It all started a few years ago in Australia when we were on our annual winter trip…It was so mesmerizing to see all the cozy Australian shops, innovative things, and fashion trends. It’s not a secret that so big country like Australia has so much to offer and during one of our shopping days, I discovered my first silk scrunchie.
This scrunchie was my friend during our hiking endeavors, and my friend during runs on the beach in the sunset, it was in my hair even when I was petting the funny kangaroos. This scrunchie looked good, it felt good and most importantly it didn’t damage my hair.
When we came back to Estonia I was looking at this scrunchie and thinking what could I possibly change about it, if I ever would have a chance to do something about it? And so I had some ideas. That’s the moment when the idea of bringing my own silk scrunchies started.
Ever since that moment, we have grown as well to other products like- silk pillowcases, eye masks, headbands, dresses, and even luxurious silk bedding.

Magnolia silk is more than just a product. Every design is tested by me, so I can ensure that only the prettiest and most functioning products reach our lovely customers all around the world.

When you choose to shop with us, you support an honest family business that deeply cares about every client and their needs. All our products are made to last and you will be pleased from the moment you receive the package.

Sandra & Martin