Why silk bedding is expensive?

Very often we get custom requests from our clients who would love to order a pure silk bed set- bed sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcases. Yes, we work with individual orders and we definitely can produce a bed set for you, in fact, if you have a standard bed size, you can place your order in our e-shop here: https://magnoliasilk.com/product-category/silk-bedding/

It’s important to understand that when it comes to luxury sheets made from real silk, you will pay more for higher quality.

First of all, silk is the most luxurious fabric in the market, known for many, many years. Silk farmers feed caterpillars Mulberry leaves to make cocoons over several weeks. It is a long process that requires lots of resources. Mulberry silk is very expensive because of its costly production and very consistent quality. It takes more than 5,000 silkworms to produce just one kilogram of mulberry silk.

Let us break to the very important point- natural Mulberry silk can be different depending on its weight. Typically on market, you will see Mulberry silk from 12-25 mommies. While for the buyer, especially if you start your silk journey only now, it might not always be clear- what do mommies mean, allow us to tell you that this number classifies how thick is silk fabric.

One of our missions is to stay honest with our customers and we value this very highly. We want to let you know, that if you buy silk bedding that is below 22 mommies, this bedding will not last long. And if you do invest in your silk bedding, obviously you want to have a long-term relationship with it. Beware of sellers trying to trick you into buying inferior quality sheets without informing you about the momme weight. Always ask for this measurement before you buy. At Magnolia, our silk beddings are made from 25mm silk. This is the highest grade Mulberry silk out there.

Natural silk bedding can’t be cheap because of its quality and also because it is an eco product. 
To produce silk bedding, we need to use way more silk than we use for pillowcases.

Yes, we could offer a cheaper option, but that would mean we need to use thinner silk and we are not ready to compromise on the quality because we know that this product wouldn’t last for a long, that’s why we encourage you to not get fulled with a cheap silk bedding. It simply doesn’t exist. Unless it is not natural silk. But in that case, you don’t get all those benefits that offer natural silk products.

If you are dreaming about silk bedding, but are hesitating is it worth the money, we encourage you to start at the beginning with a Magnolia 100% silk pillowcase. It is affordable, it is made out of natural silk and you will be able to start your silk journey there. Once you feel that you love the touch of natural silk on your skin, you can start investing in a whole set.

Do you feel that you are ready for silk bedding? Go to our e-shop silk bedding section and choose your favorite set. If you have special requests, send us a letter to info@magnoliasilk.com or give us a call at +372 56807724 and we will be happy to make an offer for you based on your given measurements.

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