25 Momme Ylellinen Silkkilakana GREEN


Sleeping on a silk sheet is one of the best luxuries in life. Just imagine a soft silk touch on your smooth skin. Priceless. It’s like having a spa without actually leaving your home. Once you get your silk sheet, you will dream all day long about the moment when you can finally go to your bed.



Fabric: 100% pure 25mm Mulberry silk
International Certification: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
Naturally breathable and hypoallergenic product.
Each silk sheet is made to measure in Estonia, the manufacturing time is about 2 weeks + shipping time.
With elastic around the edge to put the sheet around your mattress.
Machine-washable with delicate liquid detergent.
Since this product is made to measure, unfortunately, we can’t accept returns unless the product we provide is faulty.

If you can’t find your desired size then please enquire us at info@magnoliasilk.com and we will prepare an offer.



200×220 + 30cm, 200×200 + 30cm, 180×200 + 30cm, 160×200 + 30cm, 140×200 + 30cm, 120×200 + 30cm, 100×200 + 30cm, 90×200 + 30cm, 70×140 + 25cm

silk bedding green

25 Momme Ylellinen Silkkilakana GREEN

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