We opened a boutique in Tallinn old town

We are so so so so proud to announce that we opened door to our first boutique. And the best part? It is located in a sophisticated street in Tallinn’s old town. We are over the moon and ready to welcome each one of you to our cozy, feminine, shabby chic place. 

The interior of our boutique is curated with love and passion, just like each product that Magnolia designs and creates. A huge role in our story plays France. I, Sandra, Magnolia silk co-founder, am in awe of French culture and charm. In fact, my favorite place, of course, is Paris and I visit it every year together with my husband Martin. That’s why in our boutique you can find so many French-style details. We just love France…their poetical language, passion for life, quirky café culture, fashion sense, architecture, Gateaux cakes that look like jewels, Croissants: flaky, buttery, sweet, and soft…And, of course, don’t forget French book shops. This list is just endless…Did you know that our Natural silk scrunchie French Beige is not a coincidental name? ”Beige” began to commonly be used as a term for color in France back in early 1855 thus we named our beige scrunchie French Beige. And our love for this country was just a cheerful addition…

In fact, it’s not only details in our interior we are talking about, we have decided to sell some of the French brand products in our boutique too, in addition to the Magnolia silk collection products. We carefully chose and brought to Estonia our favorite French soaps, tea, candles, and even natural cosmetic. You are welcome to come and choose what you like.

French soaps have so sweet aroma that you will feel the minute you enter our boutique. And French tea? It’s not a regular tea…When we think that it can’t get even more exciting, we always prove to ourselves- yes, it can! We are pleased to announce that in Magnolia’s old town boutique you can buy the famous Thé De Marie-Antoinette tea. Marie Antoinette was the Queen of France and it was her favorite tea blend…This is the only tea in the world flavored with rose petals and fresh apples from the Royal Gardens of Versailles. And that gorgeous packaging… just like we love…Can you imagine gifting someone something beautiful from our silk collection and so pretty and delicious tea? The receiver will be delighted. Nina’s Paris Thé De Marie-Antoinette tea is an ultra-luxury brand, it is kept only in limited Eastern European marketplace points of sales like high-end tea shops, 5 stars hotels, and premium food stores, so we are very proud to be authorized to offer this tea for you. In fact, we are the only boutique in Baltic countries offering this exclusive tea for our dear customers. Sip the absolutely chic Marie Antoinette tea from a beautiful cup and feel like you are spending the afternoon in Versailles garden. And then sleep on a 100% silk Magnolia pillowcase. What a lovely, exclusive experience…Just saying…

So whenever you are looking for something made from 100% silk or unique, sophisticated gifts which are not available anywhere else in Estonia, you are welcome to visit our small but unforgettable boutique. There is something for everyone.

And don’t forget to take lots of pictures. We are happy to see you smiling, so don’t ever hesitate to have some fun by taking photos! In fact, we would love it if you tag us so we can see your happy moments at our boutique!

We are located on Olevimägi 6 street, you will definitely find us quickly, after all, we have the prettiest door in Tallinn. Once you see those stunning flowers and other decorations, you will feel that you enter a pretty oasis. Do you think that our door is fascinating? Wait until you come inside and see our blooming sakura tree, pink couch, and gold mirrors!

Cheers to the new beginning! Thank you for being with us since day one, when we started as an e-shop. Couldn’t be that far without your love and trust. 

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