Why choose a silk scrunchie instead of regular hair elastic?

The ’90s are back and they look (and feel) better than ever. You might have heard a lot about silk scrunchies, but have you actually been thinking what are the real benefits it brings to your hair apart from looking beautiful and modern?Magnolia silk collection team decided to give you little insights, so keep reading and prepare your shopping cart… virtual one :).

Photographer: Arturs Briedis

What is silk? 

Silk is the epitome of luxury due to its high cost to produce, soft feel, and elegant appearance, and it is thus a popular textile in high-end and couture fashion design. This natural fabric has ever since been prized for its unparalleled softness and toughness, as silk is the strongest natural fiber in the world.Why silk is good for your hear? If you take good care of your hair and want to keep it healthy and beautiful both, you’ve probably already come across information about the benefits of silk for hair before. Silk has a smooth texture that prevents frizziness, leaves your hair soft and tangle-free, as well as work to keep it in optimal form without split ends and breakages. Needless to say, using silk products works great for all types of hair, but especially those that are dry and damaged. To protect and keep your hair healthy, you should consider having: 

Silk Pillowcase 

Sleeping on silk feels very luxurious, as the softness of silk is unparalleled and the thermo-regulating capabilities of this fiber make it cool to sleep on even when it’s hot outside. But while exceptionally comfortable, silk pillowcases are not popular for their pleasant feel- it’s the beauty benefits that make them all the rage. Sleeping on pure mulberry silk can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and as silk is hypoallergenic, these pillowcases are suited for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Silk pillowcases reduce hair frizziness and make sure your hair stays smooth and tangle-free when you wake up. 

Silk Scrunchies 

While silk pillowcases are meant to be used only at night, silk scrunchies can be worn all day long. Elastic hair ties can severely damage your hair in the long run, causing splits and breakage, and in the short run- they cause those irritating ridges once you let your hair down. However, silk scrunchies allow you to keep your hair nice and tidy during the day (or night) without worrying about damage.

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